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The Oral Health Center provides accessible, barrier-free oral healthcare to people of all abilities. Our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art accessibility features that support comfort, confidence, integrity, and independence. We foster inclusion and diversity, build long-term professional relationships with our clients, and practice with empathy and compassion.


We are passionate about preventive care and its long-term benefits. We firmly believe that a proactive approach to oral health can help maintain good overall health and prevent more serious issues down the road. Learn more...


Years of Experience


Smiling  Clients


Master Certifications


Happy Staff


“I attended my appointment yesterday and it was a wonderful experience. Easy to get on and off the chair with no rotation (which I find hard on my hip joints) and good lower back support! Lighting is lovely and not too bright, the space overall is amazing and the dynamic duo... provides the absolute best care. Nice to also know about the sensory room and accessibility…because as a nurse I think that this was a gap and barrier for many people”


"Absolutely wonderful place. The staff knows how to handle neurodivergent patients and are very kind. Perfect if you have sensory issues or get overwhelmed easily as they don't have a million things going on at once, the lights are adjustable and they offer noise canceling headphones. I have a fear of the dentist and they made me feel much more comfortable without shaming. Highly recommend for neurodivergent people or young children with fears!"


We are so please with your mobile services here at the Presentation Sister's Convent.  As an aging population, they feel so blessed to have you in their home when they are not able to get out on their own to tend to their oral hygiene. They feel comforted by your presence. You provide an excellent service with such genuine kindness and also your reliability and dependability 

are to be commended. Thanks again for your service. Please know you are appreciated by all

Presentation Sisters



Our Address

1641 Topsail Road, Unit C

Paradise NL A1L 1V1


Opening Hours

In-clinic hours:

Tuesday/Thursday 8:30am-5pm

Wednesday 8:30am-7pm

Mobile services:

Monday/Friday 8:30am-7pm


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